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motorcycle organization


our organization it is always looking for easy riding and leading the best behavior on any road, always sharing the rider experiences.

Our ideology still remains simple since we were born as a group; thru these years of hard riding and many people known, we have been creating our own profile and colors to represent. All the people currently involved in our organization give their better efforts to carry our simple statements and comittments with society. We are structured simple for simple reasons... we have no rituals or either complex test for the new joining members. Borderless, same passion, same attitude, same colors.... we were born to ride. you can take action and be part of the crew. Feel free to Contact us.

ideology, culture, rules and creeds


because we believe in our passion for riding, we have simple rules and our lifestyle should be responsible taken by every member.

Idelogy group it is important.. we have to sacrifice individualities and strong temperament for the group, this is an special concept of the iron horse rider. We believe this is the most important part of our brotherhood.  Protagonism remains aside and our leaders know the precept, our creed is simple and similar... no matter what country our crew is. Respect each other while riding and leaving personal issues at home. We are free to ride always respecting laws and authorities. We keep calm and ride our passion.

branding, marketing and social media


Colors are so important to represent them.. we must keep them uniques and as original as possible. know more about or marketing goals.

Branding it is essencial for our organization, so we are always having the rigth vision for projecting our colors beyond borders. The implemented technology and goals to expand the organization thru the marketing and many other online tools have been important to our growth. More international audience everyday have been happening. We have modernized our site to improve our colors beyond borders. This modern realationship between motorcycle, rider and technology it is getting us closer to one single place.

street & road safety, campaigns and common sense use


we always use our comomn sense and skills for riding in the streets and roads. we learn constantly looking for the safe returning home.

Many times the essentials of common sense is missing from us, and we learn from experiences instead of. Our organization know how important it is the safety, we have started to spread our personal experiences and teaching the respect that we have to have for our bikes. Riding back home is our goal, that's what we have implemented some courses and safety campaigns to share with riders and drivers. We have noticed that we have remain alive if we are prepared to. Let's share the street and road with civil responsibility.

to Our World

perfil11Eleazar Rodriguez (FOXCONN)

International President & Founder.

Welcome to our website, many thanks to all of our members, friends, families and riders from everywhere for following us everywhere, we always share and believe in our passion for riding.

As riders... we know every mile should be full of passion and leaving our spirit free to ride. The HORSPOWER from our bikes always should be controlled by our free soul, having in mind the responsibility of our actions in every inch we run.... people is watching us!. Easy riding, simple rules, brotherhood it is part of the experience that we carry in our life journey. Always thinking on returning back home in one piece.... it is the real deal and talk about it!. We invite everyone out there to know our lifestyle and feel free to join us... you will find a family with us, and also you will find always someone you can count with. Welcome aboard and have fun! spiritriding@road.

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